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Royal DeMaria Wines, deemed “the Versace of Icewine”, sets another world record
October 12 , 2006 - For Immediate Release

VINELAND,Ontario,Canada: Royal DeMaria Wines ‘Canada’s Icewine Specialists’, internationally-recognized as a premier producer of icewines, has set another world record from the world’s most prestigious wine competition held in Bordeaux, France, June 15, 2006.

Formerly known as the Civart and the Grand Prix d’Honneur, Les Citadelles du Vin is an annual international competition organized within the framework of VinExpo, the most prestigious wine and spirits exhibition in the world. Organizers of the competition have confirmed that Winemaker Joseph DeMaria has become the only winemaker in the world to win 7 trophies in a category.

This marks the 6th consecutive year that Royal DeMaria has won at the event. France acknowledged the winemaking excellence of Royal DeMaria’s:

2000 Gewurztraminer Icewine (Citadelles Trophy)
2002 Merlot Icewine (Citadelles Trophy)
2002 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine (Citadelles Trophy)
2000 Chardonnay Icewine (Citadelles Trophy)
2004 Winter Harvest Pinot Noir Icewine (Excellence Trophy)
2004 Riesling Icewine (Prestige Trophy)
2001 Cabernet Franc Icewine (Prestige Trophy)

When asked his thoughts on the recent news, Joseph DeMaria was quoted as saying, “It is such an honour to be acknowledged by such a prestigious wine competition. The awards won reiterate that Canadians are the best icewine producers in the world.”

Since the first vintage in 1998, Royal DeMaria Wines ‘Canada’s Icewine Specialists’TM has produced 18 different varietals of icewine including Canada’s first Pinot Gris Icewine and the world’s first Meritage Icewine.

In it’s 6 year competition history, Royal DeMaria Wines has amassed a total of 254 medals in 66 worldwide competitions including 76 Gold medals and 7 confirmed world wine records, namely,

• France, Bordeaux - Les Citadelles du Vin - 5 golds within a category
• France, Bordeaux – Les Citadelles du Vin – 7 trophies with a category
• Belgium, Brussels -Concours Mondial - 5 golds within a category
• Canada, Toronto - Intervin-5 golds within a category
• USA, Rochester – Finger Lakes International Wine Competition -6 Double golds consecutively within 5 years
• USA, Rochester – Finger Lakes International Wine Competition – 14 medals within a category
• USA, Corning – International Eastern Wine Competition – 7 medals within a category

Royal DeMaria icewines are so well known and highly valued that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth requested 6 bottles during her Jubilee Visit to Canada in 2002, and Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group visited the winery in September 2003 leaving with what he called “the most wine, from the smallest winery, with the biggest reputation.”

For more information or interviews contact Charlene Stephenson, Director-Sales & Marketing, Royal DeMaria Wines ‘Canada’s Icewine Specialists’TM at 905-562-6767, toll free 1-888-793-8883, fax 905-562-6775 or email: icewine@royaldemaria.com.


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