The Collector’s Series is a selection of Winter harvest wines that have exceeded the expectations of winemaker Joseph DeMaria within the international competition circuit. The international acclaim of these Winter harvest wines has resulted in exceptional sales and subsequent depletion of inventory.

Each of the Winter harvest wines listed below are no longer available in commercial volume, are signed by the winemaker, and come from a supply of 5 cases or less.


1998 Vidal Winter harvest wine $3,500.00/bottle
1999 Riesling Winter harvest wine $3,800.00/bottle
2000 Gewurztraminer Winter harvest wine $8,000.00/bottle
2000 Gamay Winter harvest wine $9,000.00/bottle
2002 Winter Harvest Muscat Ottonel $11,000.00/bottle
2000 Pinot Gris Winter harvest wine $13,000.00/bottle
2002 Meritage Winter harvest wine $18,000.00/bottle

(Photo by Simon Wilson)



The Billy Myers Series, is dedicated to a Niagara grape grower who is respected as a leader for growing grapes of the highest distinction. Bill Myers has dedicated 40 years to grape farming and he is a rare find among growers from around the world. The practices that he has dedicated to his pristine vineyard have positioned him as a pioneer in the industry.

The critieria for a Winter harvest wine to enter into the Billy Myers Series is that the Winter harvest wine would need to have demonstrated quality ongoing for a minimum of 5 years, would need to be a rare varietal used for Winter harvest wine and must have a limited volume of 5 cases/60 bottles or less. The first Winter harvest wine to be entered into this series is the Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay Winter harvest wine which is now listed at a cool $250,000.00 per 375ml bottle. This price reflects the international reputation, credibility and demand for this product which since it’s initial release has won consecutively for 5 years at the world’s most prestigious wine and spirits competition Les Citadelles du Vin, VinExpo, Bordeaux, France 2002-2006, and has also won gold for 5 consecutive years at the coveted Chardonnay-du-Monde held in Chaintre, France, which is a competition between the best Chardonnay in the world.

Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay Winter harvest wine $250,000.00

18 bottles remaining. The Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay Winter harvest wine will raise in price incrementally as bottles sell. The last remaining bottle will be worth $500,000.




(Photo by Simon Wilson)

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