Royal DeMaria 'hops' into the competition season with a stellar win

As Royal DeMaria Wines, 'Canada's Icewine Specialists' prepare for the licensing of their long awaited retail store, they have remembered to take the time to check the competition results for the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, and lucky they did. To their complete amazement, Royal DeMaria Wines found that all 6 wines entered had won.

Results were listed today for the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition which listed Royal DeMaria Wines as winning a Double Gold Medal for their 2000 Vidal Icewine, a Gold Medal for their 2000 Gewurztraminer Icewine, a Silver Medal for both the 2000 Gamay Icewine and the 2000 Pinot Gris Icewine, and Bronze Medals for the 2000 Chardonnay Icewine and the 2000 Winter Harvest Merlot.

With new contracts being secured in the U.S. winnings such as these are sure to help promote Royal DeMaria's elite line of Icewines.

"What a fabulous way to begin the competition season", Winemaker/Owner Joseph DeMaria was quoted as saying when asked to comment on the awards won. "We are honoured to add these winnings to our awards list."

Royal DeMaria Wines is still flying high from the winnings of the last 2 years since their 1st vintage in 1998. These 6 medals will be added to the 32 international awards won for their 1998 and 1999 Icewines.

For further information or interviews, please contact Winemaker/Owner Joseph DeMaria at (905)562-6767, fax (905)562-6775 or email

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